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BRIJÓN TapeXtension System

Brijón offers a premium line of TapeXtension™ types, colors, and lengths for a variety of styles and hair types. Brijón hair extensions are available in 3 lengths and every package includes 20 strips, making 10 complete extensions.


Our products are backed by a fully trained staff and licensed stylists that will answer all of your questions. With proper care, clients will get approximately 10 weeks of wear from each application, at which time the hair extensions can be easily removed and reapplied by a stylist. Brijón's high quality Human Remy hair extensions can be reapplied up to 3 times.


The days of lengthy hair extension applications and hair-damaging removal sessions are a thing of the past. Brijón believes your time should be spent enjoying your new luscious locks.

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