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100% Remy Human Hair Extensions
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Brijón's Hair Care line was created for the optimal care and maintenance of your Brijón TapeXtension™ System. 


  • Brush your hair to remove all tangles

  • Wash hair while upright and focus on scalp, not on extensions

  • Use Brijón Hair Care line to wash and condition your hair – this line has been developed to be safe and nourishing for your hair extensions

  • Condition from midshaft to ends

  • Avoid over conditioning and getting conditioner at tape extension locations, this will degrade the adhesive bond


  • Avoid products that contain oil or ethanol

  • Apply Hair Care SERUM and LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER in your hair before swimming and/or exposing to harmful elements such as chlorine and salt water

  • Always cleanse and condition hair after swimming or working out.  Hair gets tangled when dirty and/or sweating – always wear hair up or in a ponytail while exercising

  • Never sleep with wet hair – make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed, especially at location of tape

  • When sleeping, it is recommended to gently tie up or braid hair to prevent tangling


  • With an extension-safe hairbrush, recommended by your stylist, begin at ends of hair and continue to brush gently downward, moving from ends to roots

  • Brush hair 2-3 times per day

  • When using heat tools, protect your extensions with a thermal protector - excessive heat may reduce the life of your extensions

  • Do not place hot tools near adhesive tape

  • Fantasy colors should never be exposed to tools exceeding 250 °F

  • Professional stylists should handle all chemical processes while extensions are being worn (e.g. perm, color, keratin)

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3 times! 


  • What are hair extensions?
    Hair Extensions are a way of adding hair to your existing hair to enhance length, volume, color and style. Brijón hair is made from 100% Human Remy Russian hair and comes in a large variety of colors, lengths and styles.

  • Will hair extensions damage my natural hair?
    No, extensions will not damage your hair. Brijón uses specially designed technologies with its products to ensure that is safe with your own hair. It is critical, however, that customers have their extensions installed by a certified Brijón TapeXtensions™ Master Stylist. Lastly, it is important that customers properly take care of and maintain their hair. Details on hair care are presented in the “Hair Care & Maintenance” sections of this site.

  • Where do Brijon hair extensions come from?
    All Brijón’s hair comes from Russia and is 100% human remy hair. All of the hair is sourced from women of Russian descent and so the hair is homogeneous in color and thickness. Further, we never use any synthetic, animal or mixed hair. 

  • Will there be shedding?
    We use a very high quality adhesive and technique that minimizes the amount of shedding. Hair, however, will naturally shed (on average, 100 hairs per day) so you will see some natural shedding, similar to what occurs with your own hair.

  • What is Remy hair?
    Remy is considered the highest quality hair because the cuticles are in-tact and are running in the same direction as the customer’s own hair. The cuticles protect your hair and so it is important that they remain intact to prevent damage and tangling or matting. Furthermore, this enables the hair to last much longer. Brijón uses ONLY 100% Remy human hair, and each of our packages of hair include hair that originates from one individual ensuring consistency. Brijón is very focused on giving back to the community and these significant donations to the temples are used to support these charitable organizations.

  • How are Brijon hair extensions colored?
    As noted above, all Russian hair is a natural light brown/blond color. Because this color inherently maintains all of the colors, our coloring process involves a careful de-colorization process. This process involves gently lifting the natural color from the hair in order to create our different colors. For our Fantasy Colors, these cannot be naturally produced and are created using a special high quality dye.

  • How long do hair extensions last?
    The longevity of hair extensions is based on the care provided by the individual. Usually, hair extensions last 3-6 months, although we have customers that have worn their same hair extensions for over a year! It is important for customers to visit their stylist on an on-going basis to evaluate the status of the extensions, to adjust the hair as necessary to account for growth, etc. Indian hair is much more durable than other types of hair because it has not been chemically treated and so it does not have inherent damage. Also, human hair lasts significantly longer than synthetic or mixed hair.

  • Can I color my hair extensions?
    Yes, you can color your hair, although it is recommended that this only be done with the darker colors. If coloring is performed, it is recommended that you go to your salon or certified colorist to ensure that it is properly done.

  • Can I comb/brush my hair extensions?
    Absolutely. You are able to comb and brush your hair as you would your own hair. We suggest using a wide-toothed comb or brushes specifically designed for hair extensions. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part steady to keep it from shedding or stretching. Do not use hard brush strokes. If you have tangles, please comb gently and apply Brijón’s hair serum or spray in conditioner which helps loosen tangles.

  • Can I wash, shampoo and blow dry my hair extensions?
    Yes. Since all of our hair is human, it can be treated like your own hair. We do suggest using our Brijón Care products that are specifically designed to work with our hair extensions

  • Will my hair extensions lose its wave after becoming wet?
    Hair should not lose its wave in the rain or swimming, in part because Indian hair has a natural wave to it. There are, of course, precautions to take to protect your hair when swimming such as applying spray in Conditioner before/after swimming and washing your hair after swimming to remove the chlorine. It is also recommended to wash your hair if you get caught in the rain.

  • Can I perm, flat iron and blow dry my hair extensions?
    Yes. You can treat your hair as you would your own natural hair. Wash and style your hair and use the recommended Brijon hair products.

  • Can I wear my hair extensions in the ocean?
    Yes, you can go in swimming pools and hot tubs. It is best to wash your hair right after swimming. If you go into salt water (ocean), be sure to always wear a swim cap made of latex. Braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected and tucked neatly under the cap. Following swimming, be sure to wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemical that may have snuck under your cap. Also, use the leave in conditioner spray after swimming. Does it hurt when having my extensions applied or removed? No, the extension process is designed to be painless.

  • Where is Brijon located?
    Brijon has distribution offices across the globe, with salons in over 32 countries (and counting). Our primary offices and distribution facilities are: • USA –Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington • Mexico City, México • Bogota, Columbia • San Juan, Puerto Rico, • Caracas, Venezuela • Panama City, Panama • Lima, Peru

  • What is the cost of Brijon’s hair extensions?
    The cost will vary on the type, volume, length and style of hair extensions that you purchase. Please contact your local distributor to get more details on pricing, or Contact Us with your questions, and we can identify pricing based on our network of salons in your market.

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