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Brijón's Hair Care line was created for the optimal care and maintenance of your Brijón TapeXtension™ System. 

Brijón hair extensions are made so well that, if properly cared for, they may be reapplied up to 3 times. Brijón represents the highest in quality, reliability and customer service. 


  • Brush your hair to remove all tangles

  • Wash hair while upright and focus on scalp, not on extensions

  • Use Brijón Hair Care line to wash and condition your hair – this line has been developed to be safe and nourishing for your hair extensions

  • Condition from midshaft to ends

  • Avoid over conditioning and getting conditioner at tape extension locations, this will degrade the adhesive bond

TIPS of the Trade

  • Avoid products that contain oil or ethanol

  • Apply Hair Care SERUM and LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER in your hair before swimming and/or exposing to harmful elements such as chlorine and salt water

  • Always cleanse and condition hair after swimming or working out.  Hair gets tangled when dirty and/or sweating – always wear hair up or in a ponytail while exercising

  • Never sleep with wet hair – make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed, especially at location of tape

  • When sleeping, it is recommended to gently tie up or braid hair to prevent tangling


  • With an extension-safe hairbrush, recommended by your stylist, begin at ends of hair and continue to brush gently downward, moving from ends to roots

  • Brush hair 2-3 times per day

  • When using heat tools, protect your extensions with a thermal protector - excessive heat may reduce the life of your extensions

  • Do not place hot tools near adhesive tape

  • Fantasy colors should never be exposed to tools exceeding 250 °F

  • Professional stylists should handle all chemical processes while extensions are being worn (e.g. perm, color, keratin)